Friday, February 14, 2014

DAA & So. MD Little League Merge

From the South River Source:
Davidsonville Athletic Association has acquired Southern Maryland Little League. According to DAA president Jay Foran, DAA has always wanted a baseball program. A few years ago, Foran approached Southern Maryland to see if they had any interest in merging.
“Just a friendly conversation,” Foran said. He continued asking over the years, “but the answer was always, ‘No thanks.’”
This year, they were finally ready to merge, Foran said. He is leaving the details up to baseball commissioners Joe Loschiavo and Tom Friel as to the name they want to use. He said there is no rush to change the name because, Foran said, they want the transition to go as smoothly as possible.
Foran said that the same people will run the program for DAA as had run the program previously for Southern Maryland Little League.
“They have done a fantastic job and we are happy to keep them in place,” Foran said.
DAA previously had a baseball program in the ’70s and ’80s, and a tee ball program, “maybe 10 years ago,” Foran said.
In terms of the changes, Foran said that there won’t be anything from what Southern Maryland Little League has traditionally offered. They’ll continue to offer tee ball, coach pitch, machine pitch, minors and majors, juniors, softball and travel teams.
The change is currently live on the DAA Gators website, where registration is ongoing. The practices will take place at the 10 baseball fields, including three at Davidsonville Park on Patuxent River Road.

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