Monday, September 2, 2013

Hopkins Farm To Switch To Cattle

    Jim Hopkins is pictured putting up a fence at his U-Pic strawberry farm on Rt. 424 in Davidsonville.  Jim and his brother Tim are giving up on the strawberry fields forever because of the labor required and will switch to raising cattle. 
    Their  U-Pic strawberry farm has been in operation for many years and is well known in the area.  However,  age is catching up with the Hopkins as well as many other farmers in AA Co.  With the price of land and equipment these days,  and crop prices that are low by historical standards,  it is almost impossible for a young farmer to get started and make money.   Therefore,  the older farmers keep hanging on as long as possible which keeps pushing the average age of AA Co. farmers higher.  The average age is now 50 and 20% are over 75.
     To read more about Tim and Jim Hopkins,  and the plight of other area farmers,  go to:

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