Friday, April 1, 2016

Katarina Parsons Nightmare

From the Capital Gazette:
It is a parent's worst nightmare, knowing your child is dreadfully hurt in an accident and is suffering, and there is nothing you could have done to prevent it and very little you can do to help.
Riva residents Kurt and Sandy Parsons and their 6-year-old daughter Katarina are living that nightmare.
In early December, Katarina (Kat) was critically injured in an attack by stray dogs. Hours of emergency surgery saved her life but she is left with a lot of scarring and nerve damage, including a paralyzed left arm (she wears a sling to protect the arm).
Kat is home now. Her days are mostly taken up with multiple doctors' visits and therapy sessions. The Parsons family has a long recovery period and many reconstructive surgeries ahead of them. Kat doesn't just have multiple doctors; she has multiple teams of doctors, surgeons, nurses, therapists and other medical specialists to care for her.
But the Parsons are fortunate to also have the support of family and friends. Kat's kindergarten teacher, Helen Kleintank, helps home-school her so she will be able to keep up with her classmates when she returns to school.

Kate Jones, a neighborhood friend, is helping raise funds to cover the impending surgeries that won't be covered by insurance. She organized a fundraiser at Kat's school, Davidsonville Elementary. Jones sold strips of colored paper, a different color for each class, printed with "Cats for Kat" and a cat symbol.
Sold tickets were put up on the cafeteria walls – so many were sold they covered the walls to the ceiling. The class that raised the most money would receive a popsicle party. The students bought $5,660 worth of "cats," and the principal was so impressed she declared the whole school would have a popsicle party.
The Parsons created a fundraising site to help cover the costs of Kat's surgeries and medical expenses:

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