Friday, June 7, 2019

Maria Shields Sets World Record

From the Capital-Gazette:
Three years ago, Maria "Nica" Shields of Davidsonville set her sights on setting a world record. Nica, who is 68, wanted to break a record set back in 1989 by Francoise Lamothe – namely the 12-hour world record of 100.177 kilometers (62.260 miles).
Shields got her chance at the Dawn to Dusk to Dawn Ultra (D3). The D3, held in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania at the Academy Park High School 400-meter track, is ideal for setting records.
On May 11, 2019, Shields ran 100.224 kilometers or 62.276 miles, which was her best 12-hour distance in several years and thereby achieved her goal.
Congratulations to Maria on another great accomplishment and inspiring others to get out there and reach their goals!

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