Sunday, April 14, 2013

Joe Dickey Has Wood Turning Show

    Joe Dickey of Davidsonville demonstrates how he uses a lathe to carve a bowl in his Davidsonville workshop. He’s been wood turning for 30 years, ever since taking a week-long class on the art form. An exhibit of his work opens Wednesday at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, the same day his group, The Other Band, plays a concert at the Annapolis arts center.
    The  74 year old Dickey uses a lathe and chisels to transform all types of wood into all kinds of bowls, boxes, platters and other miscellaneous shapes. Some are dyed various colors, others are left natural.  He considers his work an art form as much has no utilitarian value.  It can also showcase his sense of humor, such as a church collection plate without a bottom or a sugar bowl with a hole to small to take the spoon out. 
    For a nice long article about Joe and his upcoming show at Maryland Hall, go to:

Joe also has his own web site which you should also check out at:

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