Thursday, March 13, 2014

South River Cheer Squad Repeats State Win

    South River High picked up their second straight State Cheerleading Championship in four months.    They swept the regionals and state meet last fall, and then pulled a repeat in Feb. 
    The South River cheerleaders are Carly Miele, Kiley Gilbreath, Aubrie Kerner, Nikki Ellis, Hailey Melichar, Jasmine Jameson, Allison Funk, Izzy Gobert, Sandra Peake, Sarah Engel, Grace Molloy, Payton Shoemaker, Marissa King, Lauren Taylor, Alexis Kolinsky,Carlie Garofolo, Jae Fish, Rachel Palandati, Kat Tarabella, Chelsea Sabota, Olivia Whitcher, Jessica Hoover and Abby Sabota. They are coached by Robin Beck and Jessica Vallone.
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A video of their winning 2013 routine can be seen at:

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