Monday, March 31, 2014

Party Change For Angelis

From The Capital-Gazette:
In responding to Mike Collins' column, "Candidate switches make me wonder" (The Capital, March 18), permit me to offer some relevant information. Although Collins poses a fair question regarding political party change, had he contacted me directly I could have addressed the issue personally as I have already done on numerous occasions.
The initial reason I became a Democrat was to support fully my good friend of 17 years, George Johnson, in his quest to be county executive. This is a pure motive as Johnson will be a great county executive.
It was a difficult decision for me to leave the Republican Party, which I had been a faithful member of for 47 years. However, I did not believe I could support Johnson totally without taking this action.
Prior to changing parties I contacted approximately 12 county Republican office holders and party leaders. Many of them understood my position supporting Johnson, even if they did not concur with it.
With regard to my candidacy for the House of Delegates as a Democrat, I believe I can be a tremendous asset in the legislature. My values and principles have not changed and I will serve my constituents and the state honorably regardless of party affiliation. I further am pleased with the high level of support I have already received from Democratic Party members. My motives are sincere and honest making me comfortable with my decision.

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