Thursday, April 17, 2014

Seth Mackin Had To Deal With Brother's Death

UMBC junior defensive lacrosse player Seth Mackin from Davidsonville  was at the right place to deal with the most difficult situation in his young life.
In the fall of 2012, Seth’s younger brother by only 14 months, Josh, died from liver disease at the age of 18. It is hard to imagine the anguish that such an event can produce on an older sibling, but, in a way, Seth is fortunate. Fortunate that Josh lived the way he did in a limited time, fortunate that he has carried that spirit inside of himself, and fortunate that he has dozens of brothers within the UMBC men’s lacrosse program to help him navigate his life without Josh.
Josh battled his disease from the very early stages of life. When he was four, he received a liver transplant, receiving a portion of his mother Catherine’s liver at Hopkins Children’s Hospital. Josh loved to snowboard, fish and play video games. As he reached South River High School, his condition worsened, but he attended school whenever he could and when he could not, the school system provided instruction for him at home.
As Seth reached his senior year at South River, he encouraged Josh to join him on the lacrosse field, as a statistician.
“That was great,” Seth said. “I held that (experience) close to my heart. That is one thing I will never forget.”

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