Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Bicycle Signs On Local Roads

    Davidsonville motorists have been noticing new signs pertaining to bicycles on about a dozen local roads.   Here are a few brief rules to remember when traveling these roads.
    It is  always illegal to cross a double yellow line, and it’s dangerous for both drivers and bicyclists.
    Motorists should make every attempt to be patient and understand bicyclists are legally permitted to be on or adjacent to local roads.
    Bicyclists have the right to use the entire lane if the lane is too narrow for a bicycle or motor scooter and another vehicle to travel safely side by side.    If a road, including travel lane and shoulder, is 13 feet or less, a bicycle can take the full lane.
    The speed limit for bicyclists depends on the road.   Bicycles are not permitted on any roads where the speed limit is higher than 50 mph, according to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.   On other roads, bicyclists traveling more than 10 mph under the posted speed limit are considered slow moving vehicles and should stay as far to the right as possible.

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