Monday, November 25, 2013

Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary

For 40 years, the Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary has taken in injured and/or orphaned wildlife. DWS has accepted animals from Anne Arundel County and beyond. Animals and birds that are not able to return to the wild find permanent homes at the sanctuary. DWS is a vital part of the community because it provides solace and relief for the people who find these unfortunate critters as well as the animals themselves.
Donation needs
Canned tuna, canned goods, non perishable food (no glass).
If you donate $10, it buys food for an injured seagull for 5 days.
If you donate $25, it buys food for a blind-deaf fox for ten days.
If you donate $100, it buys four bags of feed for the donkeys and horses.

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