Thursday, July 11, 2013

James Poole Worked on Local Short Movie

     Davidsonville resident and South River High graduate James Poole co-directed and co-produced “Nothing” with Severna Park resident Brandon Hendrickson.  Mikhail Torich was the director of photography.
    The short film tells the story of lead character John, portrayed by Poole, who is on the verge of committing suicide but passes out and wakes up to a room of infinite white space with no exits. John then meets Nothing, a character resembling the devil, who plays mind games in order to push John into killing himself.    The movie was shot in the Washington, DC area.
     Although they had submitted the movie to several festivals, they had similar reactions when their director of photography, Mikhail Torich, told them he was submitting it to Cannes.
    “I thought, ‘We shouldn’t even bother,’” recalled Poole. “We never thought we would have been accepted to something that big, but lo and behold, we did.”
    To read more about the three men and the movie they made,  go to:

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