Saturday, May 11, 2013

Travis Pastrana at Darlington

    Travis Pastrana finished 28th in the Nationwide Series race at Darlington Friday night after qualifying 17th.  He was still running at the end.  Here is a quote from him.

TRAVIS PASTRANA - No. 60 Roush Fenway Racing Mustang - "It was my fault. I didn’t qualify where we needed to. I felt like our car was quicker than where we were, for sure, even with me driving it (laughing). We were a lot better through the center of three and four, but we weren’t really better off on either corner. So unless I got a really good run, I didn’t really know how to pass them down the straightaway. You just kind of kept running on to people, so I finally had a good run - a couple of guys in front of me went two-wide and there was one more directly in front of me that was whoa’d up and I was like, ‘Man, I can get all three of these guys right here.’ Anytime you think that, you shouldn’t. I should have put a light bulb out because that’s not really gonna happen and it’s a horrible idea, but I was a little tight getting out of the corner and got really aero-tight behind them as I was trying to make a run off of them and got my stripe - only it was more the whole car. It wasn’t a little stripe, it was the whole thing and it didn’t work right after that." SO WAS IT LEARNING ABOUT RACING THE RACE TRACK ALL NIGHT AS OPPOSED TO OTHER CARS AND CATCHING THEM AT THE RIGHT SPOT TO PASS? "It was the right time, I just missed it by that much. It would have been awesome if it would have worked, but it was too early for that and I knew better, but every time I had not gone for that I was passed. Every time I kind of got held up at the wrong time, someone got by, so it was kind of a frustrating day of, ‘OK, how much is too easy and how much is too much?’ We found too much and too easy. I haven’t found that perfect little bit." 

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