Saturday, March 23, 2013

Multiple Vehicle Accident on 424

    A muliple vehicle accident occurred Friday around 4 PM at the traffic light next to the Park and Ride on 424.  Emergency vehicles transported at least 4 people to local hospitals.  At least three vehicles were involved on the southbound side of 424.
    There have been numerous accidents at this traffic light since it was installed.  One factor that has caused accidents is that there is no "Yield" sign for northbound traffic making a left turn to the Rt. 50 ramp.  Vehicles approaching after the green arrow has gone off and making that turn only see a green light and no "yield" sign warning  as you normally find at other traffic lights in the county.  
    So why is there no "yield" sign like at other traffic lights when it has already been the cause of accidents in past years.   

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