Sunday, July 19, 2015

Martin Zehner Of Davidsonville

       One of the founders of the Anne Arundel County Farmers' Market off
Truman Parkway, Martin Zehner  of Davidsonville  has been working full time since age 13 on the  110-acre farm his father bought in the 1930s.
      The ups and downs of farm life have taught him to take the good with the bad.
      "You have good times, and it's hard work," Zehner said. "There are bad times too. But the farmer is always looking for good. There is always hope."
      Zehner came of age during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration, and said he learned the value of a fair deal and good citizenship early on.
      For years he has been involved in many civic organizations, from serving as president or on the board of the farmers' market since its inception in 1981, to the Davidsonville Civic Association and Ruritan and the county farm board.
      But the farm has been the center of his life. And he has worked it mostly by himself, with occasional help.
      He's at the market week after week. "He is just amazing," fellow market grower Bill Morris said.

      Come next Saturday, Zehner will be there at the stall he has occupied for over 30 years, with whatever produce his hard work, and the Good Lord, provides.

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