Saturday, July 4, 2015

Holy Family Pilgrimage To St. Marys City

       St. Mary’s City was founded in 1634 as the capital of the third, permanent English colony in America. Lord Baltimore, a Catholic, intended to create a haven of religious freedom that actually included Catholicism. The first Catholic church in British North America was established here. A brick chapel that was originally built in 1667 was one of the anchors of Maryland’s first capital. The chapel remained open until 1704 when the “experiment” in religious freedom ended and Catholics could no longer worship in public. In the 20th century, archaeologists rediscovered the site and the reconstructed chapel opened in 2009. It is built on the original foundation and every detail has been relentlessly researched. During our pilgrimage, we will visit the chapel and several of the reconstructed buildings that now comprise Historic St. Mary’s City in southern Maryland.
        Meet at the church by 8:30 am, July 18. Bring sunscreen and hats, bag lunch, and coolers with ice, if you can. We will start the tour at 10 am. Park at Farthings Ordinary at the historic site: 4 Old State House Rd, St. Mary’s City. The chapel visit is planned before lunch for those who want a shorter day. The tour will continue until approximately 4 pm when the site closes. Nearby churches offer a 4:30 Mass.  

Holy Family Catholic Church will be able to go inside the chapel even though it is closed to others while an exhibit is being constructed
      Contact Parish Council member Doni Dondero: or 410-798-4790 to sign up. The cost is $5 (Holy Family will pay the remainder of the admission fee).

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