Friday, May 8, 2015

Dodon, Capital Home of the Week

    At 550 acres, Dodon, with its gently rolling emerald green hills rimmed with woodlands, is one of the largest privately-owned properties in Anne Arundel County. Long a tobacco farm, it transitioned over several generations to growing other crops and raising livestock.
    More recently, it is becoming renowned for its vineyard and winery -- The Vineyards of Dodon. The only grapes used in producing its wines come directly from some of the 27,000 planted vines of the Davidsonville vineyard.
    A short drive on the same property takes a visitor to the nonprofit Dodon equestrian training center. There, retired racehorses are retrained as three-day eventers. These are horses that compete in the equestrian triathlon that includes dressage, cross country and show jumping.
    To see pictures of the home at Dodon,  go to:,0,656129.story

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