Friday, December 19, 2014

Scammers Are Active In A. A. County

    The below link is to a Capital article where a scammer, claiming he was with Comcast, called the A. A. Co. police dept. at their Davidsonville training office.,0,5821025.story

    There is some ABC-TV video to go with the story at:

    It seems that the scammers have really proliferated in recent weeks.  They use a myriad of tricks to try getting your money.  Claiming to be the IRS is a favorite trick where they threaten and intimidate the homeowner.  Another favorite is claiming to be from "Windows" and they want to help you upgrade your computer.  Oh,  and along the way,  also get your account and identity info. 

    Of course the Nigerian e-mail scams are still going strong with their millions of dollars they want to give you.  Of course no one is going to give you a large sum of money.  But,  they like to prey on the greedy and uninformed. 

    Whether by e-mail or phone call,  if you have not called them,  then  they are probably a scammer and out to get your money.  Be sure to warn older relatives of such scams.

    The IRS does not e-mail or call people.  They send out registered letters.
Here are ten common scams to watch out for while shopping.

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