Thursday, November 27, 2014

Charges Dropped In Attempted Robbery

    Anne Arundel County Police said Wednesday that all charges have been dropped after  determining that Adrian Lionel Dorsey Jr., 24, of no fixed address -- the suspect identified by the victim and charged for the crime -- was not the individual responsible for the robbery. Dorsey has been released from jail and the investigation continues.   
    With the robber still on the loose,  everyone should be extra cautious and be aware of their surroundings at all times.
    The robbery attempt happened Monday in the 3300 block of Riva Road in Davidsonville about 6:08 p.m. The 35-year-old woman told police she pulled into her driveway up to her garage and got out of her vehicle. As she did so, she dropped an envelope, bent over to pick it up and felt someone pulling on the strap of her purse over her right shoulder. The victim stood up and was confronted by a man, who pushed her up against her car and demanded her purse.
    Fearing for her safety, the woman pushed the car panic alarm on her key fob, and the assailant let go of the victim and fled on foot behind the garage into the woods.
    Police believed Dorsey was the suspect based on the woman's description and prior contacts with him, and spotted him two hours later at a McDonald's in Edgewater.

    At about 8:04 p.m., officers arrested Dorsey at the McDonald’s in the 100 block of Mitchells Chance Road in Edgewater. He was charged with robbery, second-degree assault, and theft.

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