Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jacklyn Skarr Helps Ederly

    Jacklyn "Jackie" Skarr, 72, a resident of Davidsonville, could be spending her Tuesday mornings playing with her grandson, planning a lunch with her husband, retiree Robert Skarr, or their two grown children, or visiting her friends.
    Instead the retired registered nurse spends every Tuesday morning in a closetlike, windowless office in the Anne Arundel County's Department of Aging's headquarters on Riva Road.
    There, the past 12 years, she has helped hundreds of people make informed decisions about Medicare, a very complex program.
    The Vermont native moved to this region in 1965 to study nursing at the University of Maryland. She earned her diploma and degree before plunging into caring for others. During the final 20 years of her career - before she retired in 2003 - Skarr worked with patients in long-term care. One of her responsibilities was understanding and managing the assisted living center's Medicare paperwork to ensure her employer received compensation for the health care services it delivered to elderly patients.

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