Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Torrance Wallace Arrested (Updated)

A Judiciary Case search for Torrance Wallace has 43 entries.  
From The CapitalGazette

A man walked into an Annapolis elementary school this week and began handing out money to students before he was removed from the school and arrested on an open warrant, police said.
Torrance Wallace, 47, of Davidsonville, appeared to be under the influence when he entered Georgetown East Elementary School through the cafeteria kitchen shortly before noon on Monday, Principal Andre Dillard said in a letter to parents.
Wallace had knocked on a kitchen door and a cafeteria employee opened it for what she believed would be a delivery, city police said. The employee allowed Wallace inside.
Wallace, who didn't have a school system-issued vendor identification badge, then ignored instructions from the cafeteria manager to stop, Dillard said.
The man made his way through the kitchen and into the cafeteria, Dillard said, where he began handing money to students on their lunch break. It is unclear how much money he distributed.
Dillard said that although Wallace was talking with students, he never made any threatening remarks or gestures.
Wallace made his way into a hallway, where he was confronted by a teacher, Dillard said. Wallace then turned and went back to the cafeteria.
Dillard told parents he already had been alerted to Wallace's presence and was on his way to the cafeteria when the teacher confronted Wallace. Dillard then escorted Wallace from the school and police were called.
Wallace was seen leaving the area in a white "Tonka Towing" flat bed truck, police said. Officers searched the area and spotted the truck in the 1300 block of Tyler Avenue.
Police said Wallace admitted to being inside the school and handing out money to children. It is unclear what happened to the money he distributed.
A routine check revealed Wallace had an open warrant for possession of a controlled dangerous substance – not marijuana – and possession of drug paraphernalia. Wallace was placed under arrest and has been banned from the school.
Schools spokesman Bob Mosier said "appropriate and swift action" was taken with regard to the employee who let Wallace into the building.
All contracted delivery drivers have background checks and school-issued identification badges, Mosier said.
Protocols are in place for the actions that should be taken when delivery drivers come to the door, he said, and that protocol "clearly wasn't followed here."
"We have security procedures in place, but those procedures are only as good as the individuals who enforce them," Mosier said.
Dillard on Wednesday said he is confident in school security and the procedures in place to keep students safe.
"We have never had an issue like this before and we don't expect to have anything else like this happen again," he said.

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