Friday, March 6, 2015

Recent Land Sales In Davidsonville

Recent land sales in Davidsonville include:

1)    2.37 acres at 3303 Abend Lane sold by Carl Abend, Jr. to Jason Minzer for $315,000

2)    2.02 acres at 3504 Castle Way sold by William Bundy to Sean Eagleston for $249,000.

3)    2.46 acres at lot 2R on Double Gate Road was sold by Nancy Woelfle to Marvin Bloom for $250,000.

4)    2.23 acres at 2508 Chapman Lane was sold by 2509 Chapman Lane LLC to Wesley Anderson for $263,500.

5)    10.05 acres at 903 Governor Bridge Rd was sold by Christopher Clickner to Aimee Peeples for $277,810.

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