Friday, October 3, 2014

Six Students Get DUMC Scholarships

From The Capital

    The Davidsonville United Methodist Church presented college scholarships to six students in ceremony at the Church’s Green Cathedral in Davidsonville. From left, are Scholarship recipients Nikolas Ostis, Kaileigh Ducharme and Chris Seidel, scholarship committee members Blair Smith, Bob Wilson, JP Moseley and Dixon Wood, scholarship recipients Kerin Webber and Amanda Sparks, committee member Sharon Bence and recipient Kennady Moseley
    Over the past 10 years, the Methodist Men's Organization at the Davidsonville United Methodist Church has awarded 58 college scholarships to young members of the church or the DUMC Youth Group. When the program began in 2004, there was a single $1,000 scholarship awarded, and it was awarded again in 2005.
    The following year, the Methodist Men decided they had funds available to sponsor four $1,000 scholarships. They also decided to establish a scholarship committee to formalize the application and winner selection process. The new guidelines stated that the scholarships would be awarded to members of the church or of its youth group
    "The church is extremely fortunate in having such great kids here. It is pretty rare that we even have someone applying who isn't at least a 3.0 GPA, if not well above that. And they all have such strong ties to the church and the community," Bob Wilson, chairman of the Methodist Men's Scholarship Committee, said.
    Over the decade, the sources of funding have increased, both from organizations within the church, including the Tongues of Fire Barbecue Team, the Methodist Women and the Care and Nurture Committee; as well as from private donations. This has allowed them to give out more scholarships: In 2014, there were 14 applicants and six scholarships of $1250 each were awarded.
Kaileigh Ducharme received the Doris Cummins Memorial Scholarship. She is attending the University of South Carolina.
Kennady Moseley received the Methodist's Women's Scholarship. She is at Penn State.
Nikolas Ostis received the William Scrimgeour Memorial Scholarship. He is studying at University of Maryland at College Park.
Chris Seidel received the Brandon Weill Foundation Memorial Scholarship. He is a student at Syracuse University.
Amanda Sparks who received the Wood Memorial Scholarship, She is attending the University of Maryland at College Park.
Kerin Webber received the Oscar Fay Grimes Scholarship. Kerin also is attending the University of Maryland at College Park.
    All but Sparks are South River High School graduates. Sparks graduated from Millard North High School in Omaha, Neb.
    On the scholarship application, student's need to provide a faith-based assessment of their financial need, and a 250- to 500-word essay encompassing several topics, including the church activities in which they have been involved, the community service activities in which they have been involved, what living a Christian life means to them, and how they expect continuing their education will affect their lives.
The men's organization see the fund as a way to assist students in continuing their education beyond high school, whether it's in college, a vocational school or other continuing education institution.
    "We have a finite amount to give each year and it's always a hard decision to choose who to give the scholarships to. But we feel it's important to help students continue their education after high school," Wilson said. "Doesn't have to be college, as long as they go on with their education."

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