Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jacob Mandish At Academy

Jacob Mandish is a new plebe at the Naval Academy.   Formerly a pirate with Pirate Adventures in Eastport, Davidsonville native Jacob Mandish, 19, a 2016 Severn School graduate, chose Navy to play lacrosse and receive a top-notch education. He lettered in varsity football, basketball and lacrosse and was captain of the basketball team. Mandish considers his journey to the academy to be a little different than most. Recruited for lacrosse, he attended NAPS this past year. "I improved physically, mentally and morally, giving me a huge advantage going into Plebe Summer." His approach, he said, "is filled with a lot of confidence because of my preparation at NAPS, and humility for I will be called upon to lead direct entry plebes from high school the way of life in the Navy." He is excited to attend "one of the most prestigious schools in the country and continue on my journey in becoming an officer in the Navy or Marine Corps."

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