Friday, February 24, 2017

Jon Mazza Makes Splash With 6 Goals

From The Baltimore Sun
Jon Mazza made quite a splash in his debut as a starting attackman, scoring six goals in No. 12 Towson’s 13-5 victory over Mount St. Mary’s on Saturday. The sophomore is the first to acknowledge, however, that he has been peppering senior teammates Joe Seider and Ryan Drenner for advice after spending last year as a member of the second midfield.
“Those guys are one of the best duos in college lacrosse,” Mazza said. “On the field, I’ve always looked up to them and tried to match their games and kind of be like them in a way. Playing with them is awesome. They have amazing chemistry because they’re best friends off the field. So playing with them is just awesome.”
Seider, a Sparks resident and Hereford graduate, said he doesn’t mind the questions because he and Drenner (Westminster) did the same to Thomas DeNapoli when he was the senior.

“It’s kind of a circle,” said Seider. “I remember when Drenner and I walked in, and we would just talk to older teammates like DeNapoli. We were just trying to get a feel for the team. For Jon to go from midfield to attack, it’s a different position, and he’s got a lot to learn, but he’s also doing so much so well. So he’s really in the right spot, and I think it’s a cool process trying to teach up the young guys. It’s cool to see how much they grow and how well they do.”

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