Friday, September 19, 2014

Vandalism At Davidsonville Park

From The South River Source:
 Anne Arundel County Police caught two teens after a witness notified police Wednesday. The two, 17-year-olds from Edgewater, were charged on juvenile citations with destruction to property. As minors, they were not identified to the media.
Anne Arundel County Police spokesman Justin Mulcahy said that police were called to the park, located at 3042 Patuxent River Road in Davidsonville, just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday. The witness said that they saw two vehicles on the field of the park, causing destruction.
Police reviewed the damage and canvassed the area. They conducted traffic stops nearby on two vehicles that matched the description provided by the witness. Police said that the vehicles were covered in dirt and mud. Further investigation revealed that the two operators of the vehicles had driven through a fence onto an asphalt footpath trail in the park, Mulcahy said.
Back on September 5, Davidsonville Athletic Association sent an email to members to alert them to an “abundance of vandalism at Davidsonville Park in recent months.” The email noted that there had been cuts in the fence, signs destroyed, split rail fencing vandalized and other problems that may have been related to possible ATVs and dirt bikes. Families were asked to note suspicious vehicles in the park at odd times and to take down license plates and call 911.
If you notice destruction of property at Davidsonville Park (or other parks), please call police. Many of the sporting facilities at local parks are maintained by volunteers with funds provided by local recreational sports clubs. They can ill afford expensive repairs. In addition, divots and uprooted grass can prove a safety hazard to players.

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