Friday, July 11, 2014

ABC2 Video About Davidsonville Theft

The framework for solar panels is laid on the roof of Killarney House.  Corned beef is cooked inside, but police say a man found the meat of the business outside in a shed. 
Coils for a hot water heater were taken from the Davidsonville restaurant back in February, as the owners invested in going green.  The holding tank is sealed up now, and the work to put up all the panels is underway once again.
"We've been lucky enough because of our community to stay in business for 14 years, but things like this really hurt us," said Melanie Ferranti, manager of Killarney House. 
Anne Arundel County police said a thief took $10,000 work of copper.  A Metal Theft Unit was created just a month before the material was taken from Killarney House.
Last month, detectives arrested Jesse Bryant, 29, from Laurel. 
"We stopped work.  It slowed us down for several months," said Ferranti.   
Police said the best thing for homeowners and business owners is to mark the metal.  Air conditioning units in backyards have been a target.
"Paint it a different color.  Do something different to it so that if it is stolen we can track it down or it might deter that thief from stealing it because they know it's going to be that much more difficult for them to sell," said Lt. T.J. Smith, an Anne Arundel County Police Department spokesman. 
Any deterrent is worth the time to help shut down another problem.
"They really don't care how much money it's worth.  All they're concerned about is how much money they can get for it in order to fuel their drug habit," Smith said. 
Police told Ferranti the suspect got about $200 for what cost the business thousands. 
"The scrap yards definitely have surveillance cameras going constantly.  So anyone thinking of doing this, they're going to find you," said Ferranti. 

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