Sunday, January 15, 2017

Piano Recital At CCFC

From left, back row: Jackson Hall, 13; Savanah Powers, 11; Riley Herritt, 12; Jared Robinson, 15; Ryan Lomax, 14; Glen Mitchell, 12; Leah Colihan; Declan Murray, 13; Hannah Murray, 16; Caroline Anderson, 16; Rachel Disney, 16; Emma Besett, 13; and Jeannette Muffley; middle row: Brynn McClure, 9; Grayson Martien, 10; Luca Mulligan, 8; Louisa Mulligan, 9; Patrick Mitchell, 9; Kendall Foland, 9; Victoria Bailey, 11; Fiona Murray, 13; Abby Stephens, 14; Cole Stephens, 11; and Jake Besett, 11; front row: Ailia Gillingwater, 7; Sophia Richardson, 7; Tristan Hiner, 5; Leila Gillingwater, 7; Corrin Hakala, 8; Sloan Stanard, 7; Taylor Collison, 10; and William Lovelace, 11
On  Dec. 3 at Chesapeake Christian Fellowship Church in Davidsonville, more than 30 students of pianist Jeannette Muffley performed in her school's 31st piano recital, a program started by Muffley in 1996.
Muffley got the holiday recital off to a festive start with her performance of "Kincora," a piece by California composer Cindy Jordan.
More than 30 students then played a wide variety of music that included holiday classics like "Ode to Joy" and popular pieces like the theme from the "James Bond" films. Many of the student performers are seasoned pianists while, for a number of them, it was their first time performing in a recital.
"My students set very high goals for themselves and then they commit to practicing," Muffley said. "These semiannual recitals are important because it allows them to showcase what they can accomplish when they practice regularly. They are particularly impressive students because they balance very busy schedules."

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