Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pastrana Continues to Solicit Community Support

Annapolis Mayor Mike Pantelides asked two neighborhood groups to reconsider their objections to a  proposed motorsports show planned at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in July.
The boards of the Admiral Heights Community Association and Germantown-Homewood Civic Association, both of which are near the stadium, voted against allowing Travis Pastrana bringing the Nitro Circus Live to the stadium.  However Pastrana and the mayor feel that the communities do not understand the shows and what they can mean to Annapolis.
“Unfortunately, in my opinion, not all the information was brought forward in those discussions, and I feel it is only fair that updated information should be presented to the homeowners associations before a final decision is made,” Pantelides said in an interview with the Capital-Gazette.
The mayor has invited Annapolis native now Davidsonville resident and the show's signature performer, Travis Pastrana, to deliver a presentation to the City Council in February.

Pantelides and Pastrana also walked through the Admiral Heights and Germantown-Homewood communities, Saturday to hear from residents and gather signatures from those supporting the show.
For interview of Travis Pastrana,  and some video of the Nitro Circus show,  go to:

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