Monday, September 5, 2016

Ben Priddy At Georgetown U.

The following article about Davidsonville kicker Ben Priddy who plays for Georgetwon University (class of 2017) was taken from the web site.

I am a student-athlete (kicker - football) in the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. I am particularly interested in opportunities within accounting, consulting, sales, and/or the sports industry (though I remain open-minded to career paths).

At Georgetown, I am an International Business and Accounting double-major and have progressed through advanced Spanish language coursework. My Dean's List and Patriot League All-Academic honors reflect how I have excelled academically in my time at Georgetown.

Academics aside, I have been passionate about sports throughout my life and continue that passion as a member of Georgetown's Division I football team. College football has been one of the best experiences of my life. It has exposed me to a diverse, hardworking, team environment in which I have thrived and enjoyed immensely. In this team environment, I am a member of the 91-person team, and also a specialist as part of a 7-person position group within the team. Through my research I have learned that the team atmosphere is paramount in most businesses. My experience as a member of a large team and a smaller position group prepares me well for the team-oriented culture. At Georgetown I am also the office manager, shift supervisor and game official for all intramural sports. Thus, I also exhibit the ability to work on my own and even manage others. This commitment together with my football team commitment, and my superb academic record demonstrates my discipline.

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