Sunday, January 10, 2016

Piano Recital At CCF

    The piano students of Jeannette Muffley played a recital on Dec. 5 at the Chesapeake Christian Fellowship church in Davidsonville.  Jeanette has been playing and teaching piano for 35 years and this was her 29th annual holiday recital with her students.

From left, front row: Leah Bray, Patrick Carey, Luca Mulligan, Louisa Mulligan, Kendall Foland, Brynn McClure, Brooke McClure, Micah Disney, Patrick Mitchell, Jake Besett, Erica Yamaner, Emma Besett, Faith Wallace and Jeannette Muffley. Middle row: Alyssa Slaughter, Laney Bray, Grayson Martien, Cole Stephens, Fiona Murray, Cameron Bray, Elise Lancaster, Glen Mitchell, Quinn Cerino, Marlee Lancaster and Emily Salehi. Back row: Victoria Blunk, Alyssa Gunther, Alexandra Blunk, Rachel Disney, Declan Murray, Ryan Lomax, Cody Bray, Bethany Yamaner and Zac Palmer.

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