Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Patti Ritchie's Christmas Gift

From The Capital
    While some gifts tug at the heart strings, others fall way short.  Patti and Steven Ritchie of Davidsonville were married in November 1968. For their first Christmas, Patti received an unexpected gift from her husband — a blonde wig.
    Patti was a brunette and her new mother-in-law had suggested it, Patti said.    Although Patti posed for a picture in the wig, it was only because she felt obligated, she said.
    “I was not happy,” she said.
    Patti said she later found out her mother-in-law only suggested the wig because she knew how much women get tired of fooling with their hair. The two women became very close over the years.
    “She was, believe it or not, a wonderful woman,” Patti said.
    Patti and her husband are still married. And she still has the wig, which she laughingly posed in last week for this story.

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