Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jennifer Selby Combines Martial & Visual Arts

    Davidsonville resident Jennifer Selby has been taking martial arts classes at Balanced Life Skills in Annapolis for eight years. This spring she will test to earn her Black Belt, an accomplishment she has dreamed of over the years with each practiced punch and kick.
    To obtain the Black Belt, Selby must not only complete the endurance phase of the test which includes hundreds of sit-ups, push-ups, squats, running and other physically demanding elements. Selby must also complete a project of her choosing that enhances every part of her life including the body, mind and spirit.
    Along with her passion for martial arts, Selby is a huge fan of the visual arts.  With a minor in studio art, Selby has always wanted to educate children about the importance of art in everyday life.
    When presented with this opportunity, Selby decided to combine her two passions and create, “Art in Mind,” a series of visual-thinking workshops that will introduce children to all different types of artists, art forms and art movement.
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