Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Accident At 424 And Rutland

There are very long skid marks on 424 just north of Rutland Rd.    No media coverage of the Sunday evening event has been found,  but the AA Co Emerency FaceBook page had the following comments.  There was a helicopter circling the area for maybe 15-30 minutes after the accident,  possibly looking for the Corvette driver who apparently ran away after the accident.

Chip  Tate t'm telling you, I believe more tonight then ever. The Van was rear ended by the corvette going a minimum of 120mph, I promise people god is looking over us. When I first called 911 I told them it was probably going to be a fatal because I did not see the Corvette I thought he was in the woods. When I was speaking to the other man who was helping the injured man I couldn't believe what he told me, that the guy was able to run. I just learned from your guys comments what happened to the corvette. By the way everyone, the man that was hit was and got out on his own power.

Toby Leach From the looks of the skid marks and the damage to the guardrail, it is obvious that the car was traveling at a high rate of speed and eventually ended up on top of that hill after hitting the guardrail. The other thing that blew my mind is that the car somehow threaded the needle between two large signs on the side of 424 (just before Rutland). How does anyone survive that? I am baffled that I can't find ANY links to an article on this story. Please post if you find anything.

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