Monday, November 21, 2016

D'Ville Grandma On Food Network

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There’s nothing like grandma’s on Thanksgiving. One local grandma is sharing her Maryland-style recipes on national TV.
      The holidays are just around the corner, that means family, friends and food, especially if you’re stopping by grandma’s house. Now, one Maryland grandma is showcasing her cooking skills on the Food Network.
      Robin Daumit is whipping up mac and cheese crab rolls. The signature dish for the the grandmother of three, and one she is sharing with the nation as a contestant on a cooking competition “Clash of the Grandmas” is a new series on Food Network where grandmas compete for a $10,000 prize.
      “It’s really about bringing grandmas into the kitchen to beat eachother,” said Daumit.
Only 24 grandmas from across the U.S. were chosen to be on the show and Daumit is the only one from Maryland.
      Daumit spends a lot of time in her Davidsonville kitchen, coming up with recipes for her video channel and blog, The Food Fetish.
      She says it’s good practice for the show.
      “When I saw there was crab in the refrigerator, when I was given a challenge I went right for it. And I happened to see there was old bay on shelf as well. So I was like that’s a done deal,” said Daumit.
      The six episodes of Food Network‘s “Clash of the Grandmas” will air through the holidays.
      “Everything that everyone ever celebrates is always over food,” she said
Daumit says she and the other grandmas from the show are now friends. Her episode airs Sunday night, November 20, at 10 p.m.
      For a nice video of her cooking and being interviewed by WJZ, go to:

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