Monday, December 7, 2015

DACA Green Expo 2016 Date Set

    DACA’s Board of Directors is gearing up for Green  Expo 2016. Jean Marie Hofstetter, Principal of Davidsonville Elementary, has given us the go-ahead to hold it at the school for the third year on March 12 from10:00 until 2:00.The Green Expo Committee sent out Save the Date messages to about 200 past and potential exhibitors,sponsors, and volunteers, along with registration forms for sponsors and exhibitors, businesses and non-profit organizations. We welcome Alison James to DACA’sboard and our newest Green Expo Committee member.Residential Concrete Services (RCS) became our first registered Green Expo 2016 Sponsor.
    Exhibitors already registered include Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association, Scenic Rivers Land Trust,Watershed Restoration and Protection, Boy Scout Troop 454, and we have promises of more. We’ve ordered the seedling trees to give away. We’re getting a good start!Thanks to Ann Fligsten and Growth Action Network for promoting DACA’s Green Expo in theirnotices to members.Go to DACA’s web site for more information about previous Green Expos, to review previous Villagers, and to join DACA. We are also on Facebook, thanks to our web master Melissa Stanton

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